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Offering services to all, Tracee and the team at The Universal Connection Store are here to assist all of our customers find the perfect items to assist in life to bring about wellness, wholeness, balance and joy. The team are committed to their own growth and utilize many aspects of what is sold at The UC, which enables them to be available to our customers from a knowledgeable space.

Randi - Store Manager
Randi is a life long student of the Universe, committed to her self mastery, Randi loves working at The Universal Connection Store because of what The UC stands for to her, which is love, truth, acceptance, healing and guidance. She knows it to be a spiritual playground for all who enter and that there are endless possibilities awaiting to assist everyone from healing, coaching, books, incense and much more. One of Randi's all time favorite crystals is Rose Quartz because it has a soft, gentle stone that carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.
Tracee - Founder and Owner
Tracee loves to serve the community, both local and at large, by providing a safe space where people can grow and expand in their lives. Tracee has committed her life for the past 26 years of her career to being in service including opening The Universal Connection Store and The Sacred Seven Mastery School. Tracee is passionate about Transformation work, Mastery teachings and Personal Growth. Tracee has a deep love for all crystals but her favorite is Herkimer Diamond. Herkimer Diamond brings expansion and growth.
Ezra - Store Team Member
Ezra has had an appreciation for crystals ever since she was a little kid. She enjoys what crystals have to offer the universe and the vibrations that they give off to assist us heal our innermost conflicts. Ezra loves assiting people find the crystals they’re looking for to help them attain joy in all realms of their life. Her favorite crystal is Fluorite. She loves the different colors that it has and the shimmer that it gives and loves how it gives a general sense of well being and happiness in all things.
Claudia - Store Team Member
Claudia's goal is to aid in the raising of consciousness. Her greatest strengths are, the ability to acquire knowledge, and teach anyone who has questions while on their path. She loves The UC Store because it's filled with so much more than beautiful items. This store is a kingdom of possitive experiences and learning opportunities, led with Love and Compassion. Claudia's favorite Crystal is Selenite for its calming demeanor and gift of Cleansing and Charging itself as well as other Crystals. A divine Crystal to work with and to learn from.
Sam - Store Team Member
Sam is an intuitive empath eager to continue learning on her spiritual journey. She enjoys working at the UC Store as it is a wealth of knowledge and a safe space for others to discover the next step in their own spiritual paths. Though she is always learning herself, she is happy to share her knowledge to those unsure where to begin. Sam’s favorite crystal is Tiger Eye because of its connection to the sun and earth. It is highly grounding, assisting with confidence and self-worth, and it balances lower chakras and yin/yang energies, allowing your sense of life, passion, and creativity to grow. Plus, it’s super pretty!
Lani - Store Team Member
Lani is one of our intuitive readers and healers. She is now assisting in the retail store where she enjoys people and loves to help all find happiness. That is her goal in life! Her favorite crystal is Super 7. It brings her energy to make it through her exciting life. It’s also a very beautiful and powerful crystal.
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The team at The Universal Connection Store takes a stand for Humanity through a commitment to be in service, integrity and compassion.

  • Assist you in your shopping
  • Trained in crystal selection
  • Shopping consultation
  • Passionate about our products
  • Personal use of our products
  • Committed to our customers
  • Safe and friendly experience

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