Aura and Chakra Photography
Aura and Chakra Photography uses Bio-feedback technology through the use of a hand-sensor measuring device which allows for organs of the body, deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment, the electromagnetic field of the user to be measured and delivers information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person. The camera device then displays this information as a colorful field around your body. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body providing brilliant color photography. These kinds of biofeedback probes can pick up your spiritual energy. The colors actually reflect your spiritual and auric state. With this knowledge you can gain insight into issues that lead to your feelings and to detect blocks in your chakras or holes in your aura. You can then work on those areas to heal and become whole and complete to live a happier, healthy life.

Our chakras are the wheels of energy centers throughout our bodies. The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translate into wheel or disk. It is invisible energy called Prana and is the vital life force energy that keeps us vibrant, healthy and alive. Chakra Photography assists in visualizing which Chakras require focus through spiritual, emotional, mental, chemical work to bring them to their fullness and which ones may be over stimulated, requiring less focus or energy to bring about balance and harmony.

An aura is defined as a distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, animal, plant and pretty much everything, since everything is made from energy. Auras can be seen in a range of colors that can tell certain things about our spirits in that moment. Because our thoughts and moods constantly change, our aura is also constantly changing to reflect our inner world.

Aura/Chakra photography requires an appointment. In a session you will be photographed using a Bio-feedback hand plate, computer, USB computer camera, and specially designed Aura and Chakra software, which takes approximately 10 minutes for the photos to be taken. Depending on the option you select below will determine how long you will be with the Technician and what photos, read-outs and guidance you will receive.

  • Option 1 - You will receive three photos; Aura, Chakra and explanation chart. 20 minute session.
  • Option 2 - You will receive three photos above as well as a basic report explaining the colors of your aura and chakra photograph. 30 minute session.
  • Option 3 - You will receive three photos above as well as a detailed report explaining the photo results. 45 minute session.

      Please note prices, services and minimums vary with each practitioner, so please be sure to check the information provided for each. To honor the time set aside for these appointments, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call the store.
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